Are you finally ready to learn brush lettering FROM THE GROUND UP? Join me as I take you through the essential foundational brush strokes, that when combined, make up your lowercase alphabet. And the best part? It’s FREE!

Check out this video snippet showing sections from the free course.

You’ll get a feel for how I’ll teach you all the basics you need in order to get started on your lettering journey!


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“I just don’t have time to practice”

This is a common objection when it comes to practicing calligraphy and lettering. But 9 times out of 10, there is usually an underlying reason that you “don’t have time” *wink*

I challenge you to give yourself 4 weeks of DAILY practice time and watch how your lettering improves.

I’ve got your back here in the Facebook group where myself and your fellow letterers will keep you accountable with the daily lettering challenge prompts.

Just call me your new Lettering Accountability Coach


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I LOVE Instagram! It’s where I got started with my own hand lettering journey. It’s a place to get inspired, break your creative block, and a place that motivates you to keep going when you interact with other letterers in the community. I’d love to chat with you over on the gram…see you there!


Practice with Templates

One of the easiest and best ways to learn brush lettering is by using printed tracing templates. All of my free hand lettering worksheets and downloadable templates in my shop are accompanied by video tutorials. I walk you through each brush lettering practice sheet , step by step. Let’s start learning together! 🙂

Check out these FUN techniques

I LOVE to sit at my desk and make a mess as long as it’s with all my art supplies and I’m trying things out and having fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment, if you mess up it’s part of the journey. Embrace it! Happy Lettering. xoxo
Marker Blending (watch here)

These are one of my favorite brush markers! They blend fantastically. Check the markers out here!

Painting Pen (click to watch)

Ok, these pens are so darn neat! I seriously feel like I’m living back in some other century when I use this. Highly suggest checking it out here: Check the pen out here!

Glass Pen (click to watch)

These pens are so much fun to use. You dip into ink and then the ink runs down to the tip using gravity. You get a very fine line so it forces you to write slow. Talk about creative therapy. Check the pen out here!

Metallic Marker (click to watch)

These are called Metallic Outline Markers because not only are they silver metallic but they lay down another color simultaneously! So neat!  Check the pen out here!

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Start learning brush lettering for FREE with the foundational brush strokes which, when combined, will make up most letters of the lowercase alphabet. You CAN NOT skip this step if you’re serious about learning brush lettering the right way. See you in the course!

Did Someone Say FREE Lettering Printables?!

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