Hand Lettering Tutorials: Free Mini-Course

Are you FINALLY ready to crack the code and learn brush lettering from the ground up?

If you’ve been struggling with learning on your own, or watched other hand lettering tutorials videos but couldn’t quite replicate it yourself, you may be missing out on the very important foundational brush strokes.

These strokes seem insignificant when you look at them by themselves, but together they make up MOST of the lowercase letters in the brush lettering alphabet! Each letter is actually created by drawing and combining individual strokes. This FREE Mini-Course takes you through the 8 basic strokes and gets you prepared and ready, foundationally, to move on to learning the alphabet, words and sentences.

WooHoo, let’s get started!

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What’s Included in the FREE Hand Lettering Tutorials Course?

Downloadable/Printable Worksheets: Worksheets feature the 8 most common foundational strokes for brush lettering/brush calligraphy. These strokes are the foundation of your lowercase alphabet and are imperative to learn BEFORE you start practicing your letters or words.

8 Traceable strokes: each stroke is written with numbered arrows showing you where to start. There is also detailed instruction on each page. Under each stroke, there is blank space for you to practice on your own.

Drills: each stroke is repeated for you to practice, uninterrupted, over and over again.

Downloadable Digital Worksheet files for the iPad

Video Tutorials: 6 Videos to help you learn brush lettering. I personally walk you through EVERY stroke with tips and tricks along the way! I periodically switch to using my right hand so both lefties and righties can see how it’s done. You will be able to re-watch as many times as you’d like.

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