Have you always wanted to learn lettering? My online courses focus on Brush Lettering for Beginners to master the strokes, flourishes and all the things! From basic strokes to flourishes and faux calligraphy my goal is to help you develop your skills through consistent practice that gets you results. 

Brush Lettering for Beginners Tutorials & Courses

Total beginner? Start here!

If you’re completely new to the world of hand lettering and calligraphy, then this is the place to start! Faux Calligraphy is essentially a hand lettering technique meant to look like calligraphy WITHOUT using a brush pen or pointed pen!

It’s the perfect was to learn letter formation and where your thicks and thins go WITHOUT the pressure of using a brush pen and having to get it right in one stroke! CLICK HERE to grab the course!

Ready to Learn Brush Lettering?

Are you finally ready to crack the code and learn brush lettering from the ground up?

This is the fastest way to master Brush Lettering for Beginners.

Start here with this FREE intro course where you’ll learn the fundamental basic brush strokes that, when combined, make up each letter of the lowercase script alphabet.

Already know the basics & ready to move on?

The next step in Brush Lettering for Beginners.

This course will teach you the full lowercase script style alphabet from the ground up. We’ll start with the basic strokes, then I’ll take you through the script style alphabet followed by words and phrases.

Want to EMBELLISH your letters!?

If you’ve already been practicing for a while and feel comfortable forming your letters and words, then you’re ready to embellish those beautiful letters with FLOURISHES! My fave!